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89 % of foreign buyers start their search for suppliers on the internet: Will they contact your company?


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Precise performance measurement

An approach designed by an engineer for engineers:

  • “You can only improve what you can measure.”
    It all starts with the implementation ofmeasurement tools which will make it possible to establish exactly what the current situation is, then to measure the effectiveness of the actions undertaken to win new export customers. These indicators allow you to monitor in a factual manner the results of the site optimizations for export sales. The implementation of these tools does not generate additional costs, but on the contrary, savings.
  • My credo: the understandable language. I shall tell you what you can do to find new customers, and explain you why. You will soon realize that it is, after all, quite simple.
  • We progress together. My ambition is to give you the keys to understanding and to be able to make strategic decisions according to criteria that correspond to your company, and not to the general case. With an economic objective: additional sales by adapting the website to sell more industrial products for export.
  • Being an external resource for helping you progress rapidly in your digital export sales: supervising such a project is time-consuming, and many entrepreneurs do not exploit this potential for developing the company’s export sales because of their busy schedules. You then have a trusted right-hand man, who understands your stakes and the techniques available, to sell more.


  • I can also intervene quickly on a case-by-case basis for problems terrain related toexport. Available for overseas travel, and combining extensive export experience and technical skills, it is an opportunity to solve problems that suddenly arise and you do not see how to solve them. Mastery ofEnglish,French,German,Spanish andItalian and the ability to communicate with people all over the world. You will be able to quickly make progress in your export markets and in your subsidiaries, instead of waiting.
Start Today to look for your customers of Tomorrow

89 % of foreign buyers start their search for new suppliers on the internet… 

The observation:

Numerous industrial SMEs participate in international exhibitions to expand their customer portfolio.
This represents a cost for the company: the rent of the stand, travel expenses and the occupation time of the sales representatives.
However, some trade shows have few visitors, whereas the investment is made to meet qualified prospects: they are your future customers.

At the same time, a export customer potential customer who is looking for a solution on the internet is not going to find this same company. However, the buyer or technical manager was looking for a solution, a supplier, because he had a project. It is a pity to lose business in this way, because you are not visible to your customers, especially when becoming identifiable would be a small investment.


My expertise:

I make your technical solutions findable and attractive for customers.

  • Customers looking for a special solution – your product
  • Clients who are in a particular phase – the beginning of the search
    (and consequently a the begining of defining the specifications in order to respond to a specific technical issue)

With methods designed to focus on lead quality, and adapted to the means of a SME.
Capable of a outside view and polyglot, I can easily put myself in the shoes of Internet users who are not yet your customers.

With a optimized site, be consulted more often. And increase your sales!







I set up a method for industrial SMEs which offer very targeted technical solutions, adapting the digital approach to their specific needs.

Some specificities of selling in niche markets:

– The number of potential customers involved is limited. Research volumes are low. It is impossible to exploit the data (the statistical data available from Internet searches). An alternative method is needed to develop a relevant digital sales strategy.

– Your buyer is a professional. He will not buy on the first solution he finds, but do a thorough search to compare different offers. This is an opportunity for you. The SEO-Ohohohoh strategy is more economical.

– Your objective is not to sell online, it is that your future customer consults you – and therefore finds you – preferably at the beginning of his search.

A specially adapted method, designed for BtoB customers, is both efficient and economical.



My approach is not a variation of the strategy of large companies:

The industrial companies are not intended to communicate with tools designed for mass communication. It would not be economical, in relation to the results they allow to obtain on a niche market, very targeted, with solutions with high added value.

 The consumer goods industry is investing heavily in powerful communication. Advertising investments are important.

The range of tools available for digital marketing is very rich. It is tempting to propose to an industrial company to implement all possible tools. My approach is theinverse. Offer only those tools that are profitable for a SME.

It is essential to sort among the available tools, giving priority to the return on investment, to use means selected for their efficiency – for a specific case, yours.

The advantage for Industrial SMEs:

A limited budget, and the ability to reach customers in a much larger area than that offered by participation in a trade show.

find export customers
How do I find export customers when it is impossible to travel?

The emergence of the Covid 2019 pandemic in 2020 has made the approach even more necessary. Indeed, how to get new prospects when trade shows are cancelled?

When there are few channels to acquire new customers, the return on investment of a digitalization of export sales is exceptional.

However, there is a fundamental trend towards connecting new customers via the Internet, unavoidable. It is therefore important to add this marketing technique to your traditional sales methods.

The Covid is a developer which accelerates the need to exploit the digital to export. But even outside this context, it is vital for an SME to make better use of the digital to export.

It’s never too early to invest in the future !

Find out if the approach can be applied to your business,

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About me:
Jérôme Faytre

A scientific background, a taste for languages, and an insatiable curiosity.
Extensive field experience in export sales and international trade and mastery of sales techniques,cross-cultural, and export procedures.

An atypical and dynamic engineer, simultaneously French-German, French-English, French-Italian and French-Spanish,

Browsing the net in 6 languages me will allow you to improve your export.