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360° Analysis


You know that a multilingual website is a must. Whether you are a company manager, an export manager, or a communication agency, it is difficult for you to know how the multilingual site works exactly for export customers. 

It is indeed impossible to put oneself in the place of foreign customers:

– You do not master not foreign languages of the multilingual site
This makes it difficult for you to check whether the text is correctly written and whether it gives a professional image of your company. Does the vocabulary chosen for the site match the one used by your potential customers during a search?

– You will not visit your site from abroad
However, it changes everything, because the algorithms take into account your location to decide which results they will display to you first. Therefore, one site in German from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and one site in Spanish from Spain or Latin America, depending on the target markets, should be checked. You cannot observe in Great Britain, Canada or Australia what the customer sees on his screen abroad.

– The multilingual site is special, on a technicallevel.
A multilingual site that works well with users from different countries requires special skills, which not every webmaster has. It is important to check the technical parameters that make a multilingual site work well. Some settings are invisible, but have a great influence on the operation of the multilingual site.


To make a diagnosis is to understand what is not visible.


colored computer code


I work with companies or agencies of creation of websites to check the multilingual site. The analysis integrates elements as different as the translation, the semantic, the coding, the loading times in the target countries, etc. Among the elements taken into account:

– is the base technical correct for foreign languages?
– are the loading times adapted to the networks of the target markets

– is the text free of mistakes
– the wording gives a good image of the company

– theaesthetic and vocabulary are appropriate
– the themes discussed correspond to local expectations

Integration into the local ecosystem
recommendations from local partners
comments from customers 



CTA Diganostic multilingual site blue



Why work with me?

There is a factor that allows me to respond better to this particular need: I speak six languages.

I am specialized in the digitalization of export sales and have a solid experience field of export sales of capital goods, machines and components: sales in 40 countries, on 6 continents, in 6 languages. My digital skills are focused oncommercial efficiency export and prospection.

A training ofengineer allows to understand the products, the issues and the arguments. This knowledge is complemented by a very thorough understanding of interculturalissues, acquired by travelling the world as a sales engineer.



 Having a well-made and visible from abroad entails:

customers who do not visit the shows but contact you
– These clients have an project in progress
salespeople dedicated to their core business



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