The background

  • It all starts with a encounter: that of two engineers who have worked in sales at theinternational, but with complementary approaches.
  • One is an experienced general engineer, and has travelled the world selling machinery and capital goods directly to foreign manufacturers. The other is an engineer senior computer scientist, he founded a digital SME in Asia, which he then developed in the United States.
  • By confronting their experiences, they make a common statement:
    – Some digital techniques have enormous potential to help SMEs to export more
    – Senior sales managers and managers of SMEs are not as comfortable with the digital tools as the younger generations. However, understanding the numerical tools and the using is crucial for the company.
  • It is to address this requirement that they set up an offer which is specially designed for experienced entrepreneurs, in particular
    – By putting at the heart of the approach the understanding of the mechanisms of digital sales.
    – By helping to sort, in a pragmaticway, among the available tools. The goal is not to do everything possible, but to start pragmatically – and to see results!

Engineer, industrial, export salesman, hyper polyglot

An education ofingénieur grande école, a scientific approach, an entrepreneurial experience

Having been entrepreneur en France and Germany, the economic aspect is at the centre of my concerns: I am looking for pragmatic solutions, which can easily be implemented while being innovative.

Contact me: a few minutes of conversation will allow you to get to know me better, and to understand my approach.

Engineer Grande Ecole, France, 1989
German, English, Italian, Spanish: bilingual or fluent

– 5 years in management of international projects
– 20 years commercial export
– 10 years entrepreneur in Germany
– 4 years translator and interpreter

The Philosophy

Pragmatism. Understand your business, to do what is best suited to your company, not what I want to do.

My Objective

Make you make extra sales, and make you love digital, which will be demystified.


of buyers start the search for a new supplier by searching on the Internet!

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A method with proven effectiveness

The image that your business radiates outward is of capital importance to your business.
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