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Having a well-designed multilingual website is a way to retrieve traffic and requests for offers from abroad in hidden time, without costing the sales team in the company any time.

However, creating an effective multilingual website is time consuming. Many leaders are aware that the approach is cost-effective, but will not be able to appropriately to short-term.

This is where I can intervene: I allow you to decide to act now, by making available to you the resources that would be necessary for your project to make rapid progress.


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Having been a entrepreneurmyself, I understand your issues. I add an understanding of how a website works, as well as the availability to dedicate myself to it full-time over a dedicated period of time.


This allows you to understand your needs, and move quickly to build a site that attracts new prospects from abroad – but without doing more than is necessary. The approach is adapted to budgetary constraints of SMEs industrial. 

With a site that speaks to your customers in their language:

– you improve your business relationship
– you are contacted by new customers
– you free up time for your sales people.

Let's talk about your particular case

Multilingual Website

Entrust its optimization to someone who thinks like you – and can put himself in your shoes to define the priorities, with a balance between what is possible and what is economical, and who will help you to progress in the digital process.

Your potential customers foreigners, large export manufacturers will express their search to locate a new supplier on the Internet either in their mother tongue, or in English (but not necessarily as an English or American would do).

If this has not been taken into account in the design of your site, these export prospects have very little chance of finding you find. A waste, because you may have the solution to the request they are precisely looking to satisfy.

I help you to decline your website in additional foreign languages languages. But by doing it in an optimized way to make it easy for you to find.

It is indeed more than a text translation, then it is the writing of content optimised for the language used by your customers, combined with the taking into account of IT parameters specific to multilingual sites.

Why make good products if your customers andignore ?


International Optimization

Many websites show that they are available in other languages, but that the language was not added by people who had sufficient knowledge knowledge of how the SEO engines work, such as Google.

It may be content that is of interest to your regular customers, but will not act as a ” new customers magnet“: only customers or future customers who know you will visit your site. Prospects who do not know you will not find you. It is a pity, because this is precisely one of the advantages of the Internet: being able to discover resources, suppliers that we did not know about.

The Internet offers an enormous potential potential: the segmentation. The possibility to choose by whom to be visible, i.e. “the right customers”. The battle for first place is fierce in consumer products. Numerous technical products in BtoB also fall into this category. When theoffer is very specific, the competition is completely different. It is the quality that is targeted, not the quantity.

These are often measures relatively restricted, but indispensable for the website to become a real tool generator from sales toexport.


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